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The Kerala Public School (KPS) has been
The Main Objects of The Kerala Public School are:-
1. To provide instructions, teaching and training in education and to make provision for research, advancement decimation of knowledge.
2. To create higher levels of intellectual abilities.
3. To establish state of the art facilities for education and training.
4. To carry out teaching and research and to offer continuing education programs.
5. To create centres of excellence for research and development for sharing knowledge and its application.

From  the Chairman’s Desk

Kerala Public School gives rock solid foundation to children studying through learning fun method by providing a suitable environment which is adaptable and flexible “Helping the child gain and understand concept ”. The complete learning is based on the play way method which creates and supports the new learning paradigm that provides learning for students in a manner most suited for them.

Together with the vision to give a truly inspiring ambience to motivate the young  minds with the mission innovate something new every day with values we step forward with collective passion ,dreams & aspirations ignite the young minds of glory and success.

As we live in testing times the trust of our efforts involve continued rigorous of staff development and richment of all student’s  of all student’s programs and meaningful partnership with parents and community. Our curriculum is driven by the need of our students &  ensuring quality education for every Student . We motivate our teachers to provide an atmosphere for discovery where students are encouraged to be creative and curious instead of routinely leading the so children with academic burden , we are thus constantly imparting our teaching  methodology so that it turns learning into a combination of class room studies, research and scientific discovery. This can only be achieved by imparting and focusing providing correct attitude, skill, knowledge and moral values.

I wish all the very best to all the students learning in this institution and promise to deliver the best education alike metro cities to the children of “Kerala Public School”.

With best wishes  

Thanks & Regards,