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First ICSE Pattern School

Rewa’s First ICSE Pattern School.

Hi-tech School Campus

Rewa’s First Fully Hi-tech School Campus.

Education Pattern of Kerala

Study throught modern Education Pattern of Kerala



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From the Principal’s Desk

Today every child has to face challenges the test the strength of body and mind. The role of school is not only limited to pursue academic excellence but also to empower the children with the manifestations of the versatility like creativity, innovation, analytical abilities etc. We pledge to work for every child and in the

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Mr. Ajay Singh (Press club president)

I am very happy to came the Kerala Public School. It is good effort in the field of education because it’s building also speak about the quality of education. Because each and everything in this premises proved that. My blessings also with Kerala Public School it is very bright in future.  

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Mrs. Rashmi Shukla(Joint Director of Rewa)

I am feeling very proud to join this programme. I think it is the first school to develop in our district with well preparation . I think this school provide a good quality of education in our district and make brightest student for the future for our country.

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Sudent Enquiry

The Kerala Public School, Rewa (KPS) has been setup in the name of Kerala in 2016 which is associate with ICSE.